Let's talk about the holiday season. It's long been the American tradition to kick off the Holidays the day after Thanksgiving. We drag ourselves out of the house before sunrise, the weight of a turkey hangover clouding our minds (and stomachs) in the hopes we can lead the charge as we raid department stores and malls like a Viking horde hungry for loot. There are all sorts of valid (sometimes cynical) observations about how we kick off a season of giving with gross displays of consumerism. Don't worry, this isn't one of those talks. 

For our family, the Holidays are a time of make believe and magic that has always began at the end of September as we dressed our home in spooky decorations and began planning costumes for a night of tricks and treats. We were into it so much that we put on a little haunted house production every year for those brave enough to ring our doorbells. To sum up: Halloween is a big deal to us. And we want to encourage you, our extended family, to celebrate the season a little early with a couple of events on Halloween night. We're even going to give something to some of you that are the most enthusiastic and creative. No reason the season can't be about make believe, magic, AND giving. Read on for details. I'm going to sit back and admire how I tied all that back together.

Happy Holidays!

Dine in Costume for a Chance to Win Scary Cool Prizes

On October 31st all diners who come out to eat in costume will be entered to win one of three gift certificates.

1st Prize: $250.00

2nd Prize: $150.00

3rd Prize: $100.00

How it will work:

Our hospitality manager will take your photo and information. The family will pick our favorites from among the entries and contact the winners the following Tuesday, November 3rd. We can't wait to see your costumes!

Krebs Klassic Family Style Wine Dinner

On October 31st we're hosting a wine dinner in the vein of Krebs' classic family style dining. Diners will enjoy a 5 course meal:

  • 1st course: Burrata cheese ball appetizer
  • 2nd course: House salad
  • 3rd course: Spaghetti, ravioli, and meatball
  • 4th course: Fried chicken, steak, lamb fries, and Italian Sausage
  • 5th course: Tiramisu

Prices for this feast are:

  • $50 per single
  • $90 per couple

Dinner starts at 6:30 and seats are available. Call and speak to a manager to reserve your seat at the table.