Thanks for choosing Gabriella’s for your dining experience. For parties larger than 6 we request that you please call our hospitality staff during regular business hours to place your reservation.  If the form below fails to complete your reservation it is because there are no reservations available at the time you are requesting. We do not accept reservations via email. If you are uncomfortable placing your reservation you may contact us during regular business hours to place your reservation. Calls placed before 3 p.m. may not be answered.

Please do not attempt to circumvent our reservation policy by placing multiple reservations for a single party through the online system. Gabby's will not honor these reservations and you may not be notified when your reservations are deleted from our system. We do not sit partial reservations, and we do not sit reservations earlier than the scheduled time.

Seriously, we love your enthusiasm and that you want to bring a small army of friends out to celebrate an occasion with us, but we have set these limits for a reason. We are more concerned with the quality of each guest's experience than we are with the quantity of humans we can herd through the doors in a single day; our food takes time to prepare and when we attempt to serve parties larger than we deem managable, it has a negative impact not only on the party in question, but every guest that comes after it. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding in this matter.